Golden boys

13 06 2018

Skywalker and S'aka

Skywalker and S’aka caught in the act of peacefully grazing in gorgeous evening light.

Not so nice or peaceful:

McKenna Peak and Temple Butte ... 416 Fire (Durango) plume behind.

That’s not a lovely nice rain cloud building behind McKenna Peak and Temple Butte. That’s smoke again from the 416 Fire and/or Burro Fire. The smoke trail along our southeastern horizon is so widespread that I’m really not sure which fire it’s from. Neither fire is a good fire.



4 responses

13 06 2018
Sue Story

Two of my most favorite boys! And yes, TJ, wouldn’t it be nice if that was a nice cumulonimbus behind McKenna Peak and Temple Butte? Maybe soon; Bud may be headed our way – keeping the faith.

13 06 2018
Marytherese Ambacher

Thank you TJ for sharing the peacefullness of the wild, your daily reminders are important to us all. Keep coming Bud, the four corners of peaceful nature need you!!

15 06 2018

Come on rain! Let the wild horses have a bath!

6 08 2018

Yeah for the horses and booo for the smoke.

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