Recognizing beauty

12 06 2018

Alegre and Maia

Another photo in the trend of pretty mustangs trying to hide behind the only greenery in Spring Creek Basin, which is mostly greasewood.

No news here: The 416 Fire grew, and the Burro Fire grew. We had smoke in Disappointment Valley.



6 responses

12 06 2018

So sorry about the burning fires… Thank you for sharing the pics of healthy mustangs – hoping rain is on its way from the storm BUD – take care all

12 06 2018

Is your sister and her family still in Durango? If so, I hope they’re not in the evacuation zone!

12 06 2018
Sue Story

The fires grow and so does our great sorrow…but those two beautiful, graceful mustangs in your photo are a salve for the soul, TJ.

12 06 2018

With all the hiking you and Denny do, I’m sure it *is* simply devastating to watch those favorite forest places burn. 😦 Hopefully people will heed the forest closure and be responsible.

12 06 2018

Are the horses trying to find some shade?

12 06 2018

Not so much. Or at least not consistently yet. The gnats are worse in the pinon-junipers, too, so they’re mostly happy out in the open under that blue Colorado sky. 🙂 (Hint to the weather gods: We could use some clouds!)

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