Blue, golden day

22 11 2017

Skywalker; McKenna Peak, Temple Butte

It could get better than this gorgeous day in Spring Creek Basin.

It could rain. 🙂



4 responses

22 11 2017

For sure. Rain would be good now to fill ponds and give grass a boost. Do a rain dance out there.

22 11 2017

Good morning TJ! If this is Skywalker, maybe he can do the Rain Dance around Spring Creek and work on his young stud figure…
Have a good Thanksgiving. I know I am very thankful for all that you share and advocate for on behalf of the amazing SCB mustangs.

22 11 2017
Maggie Frazier

You sure would be welcome to some of OUR rain back here! We have lots left over. Your weather looks absolutely gorgeous.
Have a great Thanksgiving – YOU & yours are who & what I’m thankful for!

23 11 2017
Sue Story

And we hope it does…soon!

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