One look

19 10 2017


Is she simply, superbly, unimaginably gorgeous, or what?

She’s in her 30s, folks. The wisdom of that single, stunning, wild mare is unfathomable. I’d project even a fraction onto our law- and policy-makers if it were possible. Just imagine the huge reservoirs of wisdom lost via roundups. All pieces of unimaginable wild beauty … lost to the world that created them. Yes, we need to preserve the land that sustains them … but that is possible without destruction. Houdini is living proof.




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19 10 2017

Good for the BLM And volunteers who support the mustangs of Spring Creek Basin. We understand the need for PZP. Thanks to TJ for years of knowing the need.

19 10 2017

It takes a village, eh? πŸ™‚ Thanks, Pat, to you and Frank for all of YOUR years – about 20!? – advocating for these amazing mustangs!!!!!!!

19 10 2017
Maggie Frazier

Watched the online BLM advisory group – TJ – absolutely wonderful job! You and the gals from Sand Wash Basin were great. Not sure if the many of the board were listening (or aware, frankly) but you all sure did get the message across – wish the general public could get that message. Missed the session on the 17th sadly.
AND Houdini is spectacular – wild horses living into their 30s? Sure does say how well they are being “””managed”””!

19 10 2017

Thanks, Maggie. What a crazy couple of days. I’m happy to be home surrounded by the magic of my mustangs! The SWAT/GEMS gals ROCK!!!! What amazing work they are doing in SO many different areas!

20 10 2017
Maggie Frazier

Watched the online “show” until the lunch break. Obviously, from RTF’s post today – by the end nothing changed.
They don’t listen AND I suppose even if they did – the folks in charge
will keep on doing what, so obviously to the rest of us, does NOT work because their goal is not our goal!

19 10 2017
Sue Story

How true, TJ – the unfathomable loss represented by every one of those mustangs that never were allowed to be 30 years old on their own land. It breaks my heart.

19 10 2017

Then let Houdini and her fellows heal you! We have to work for the horses that are here!

19 10 2017
Laurie Ward

Yes, and yes and yes. Please keep broadcasting this message!

19 10 2017

We’re doing it!

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