Pretty ‘n tough

23 08 2017


Four o’clock flowers.

Duke and four-o-clock

Elder Duke and four o’clock!

If anyone knows why it’s called “four-o-clock,” please advise. It can be seen with blooms stretched toward the sun at all times of the day. The above photos were taken well past 4 p.m. … and quite a while before 4 a.m. 🙂 Here’s a Wikipedia link. It blooms all day and into evening – at least until sunset!



3 responses

23 08 2017

Well, I guess it just cannot read the clock. 😉 I read something similar about a weed here in Germany, and it does not stick to what the books say either. Maybe the sun is more intense nowadays? Who knows.

24 08 2017

Ha! Well, we love it at this time of year, when it’s especially flourishing!

25 08 2017


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