Beautiful girl, shy girl

21 05 2017


Sweetest Piedra, you’re really not hiding your loveliness from anyone at all. 🙂

Even half-hidden, she glows with beauty and health.

Many people may not be fortunate enough to see any of our nation’s mustangs and wild burros. We may not ever make it to all of America’s immense and varied and treasured public lands.

But many of us do travel widely and enjoyably across America. And many people from other countries travel far to see America’s broad skies and open lands.

The lands themselves, let alone the mere *thought* of those lands – and the plants and animals and geologic and geographic formations that inhabit them – persevering in the wild (whatever wild means to you), THAT is important, and that is worth protecting.



20 05 2017


Seneca was grazing blissfully along when she lost her band. Actually, they kinda grazed blissfully on along without her.

No worries; they were reunited. And in her goal of catching up, she looked simply beautiful.

Smooth moves

20 05 2017


Hollywood cleverly noticed a mare in a nearby band grazing some distance away from her band and though he might introduce himself (he’s bold like that). But her stallion was closer, and he put the kibosh on that idea.

Hey, it’s Colorado

19 05 2017

McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

Sure, it’s May.

It’s also Colorado. 🙂

And at its heart … it’s essentially WILD.

Mud drench

18 05 2017



Magnificent mustangs must make mud baths marvelous!

Copper knows the value of spa treatments. 🙂


Did anyone order rain?

Ma Nature delivered SNOW!

You really have to laugh at how well she came through for us. 🙂 It’s spring snow and packed with moisture.

Mustang caught in a cat nap

17 05 2017

Mysterium, Temple Butte

Mysterium and her band had a little nap – as they do multiple times a day. This one was shared with yours truly. With the sunshine and breeze, it was hard to keep our eyes open! (Some of us didn’t!)

Parts of Colorado (including our part) are under a freeze warning. … We’re really hoping that the chance of rain actually materializes over Disappointment Valley and Spring Creek Basin.


16 05 2017


Young Killian has his hooves full dealing with a band of independent mares. He’s doing a good job. 🙂


15 05 2017

Copper, flank of Temple Butte

Handsome bay boy Copper also is feeling spring in the air.

Those clouds did eventually bring us some rain, and we were grateful to get it!

Happy Mother’s Day!

14 05 2017

Chipeta, Temple Butte

Big love to all moms, for taking care of us, supporting us, encouraging us, loving us!

Today, we thank you for all that you do for us, and we hope in turn that you feel cared for, supported, encouraged … and LOVED! 🙂

Particularly, I thank my mom. She’s the best! 🙂

Beloved faces

13 05 2017

Mariah and Winona, Temple Butte

Mariah and Winona nap in the breeze under a passing cloud in front of beloved Temple Butte.