Beautiful girl, shy girl

21 05 2017


Sweetest Piedra, you’re really not hiding your loveliness from anyone at all. 🙂

Even half-hidden, she glows with beauty and health.

Many people may not be fortunate enough to see any of our nation’s mustangs and wild burros. We may not ever make it to all of America’s immense and varied and treasured public lands.

But many of us do travel widely and enjoyably across America. And many people from other countries travel far to see America’s broad skies and open lands.

The lands themselves, let alone the mere *thought* of those lands – and the plants and animals and geologic and geographic formations that inhabit them – persevering in the wild (whatever wild means to you), THAT is important, and that is worth protecting.





2 responses

21 05 2017

Beautiful lady!

21 05 2017
Sue Story

And just one look at Piedra’s beautiful and gentle face should convince anyone that “wild” should be perpetuated – always. One of your good “peek-a-boo” photos, TJ!

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