30 05 2017

Bounce, McKenna Peak

Elder Mr. Bounce is lean these days, but he’s shiny, and he still loves the girls, though he doesn’t have any now.

He’s hanging with the band – and I hope ya’ll are, too!


Not being a hashtag kinda person, I may not have done that right, but I hope ya’ll are with the band!



3 responses

30 05 2017
Sue Story

Hope he finds a girl to love him back! And I’m not a hashtag person either, but “I’m with the band!” Support wild mustangs and burros!

30 05 2017
Lynn and Kathy

Good to see Bounce – He does look a little thin, but then he’s gettin’ kinda up there in years! We’re supporting the horses in every way we can, as always!

30 05 2017

#I’m with the band
I’m with you and the band!

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