Stunning Sundance

23 04 2017


Sundance pursues his band around a pond where another – bigger – band had come to drink.

His smaller band retreated a short distance, to return and drink when the bigger band had left.

The sky was wonderfully stormy … but not a drop of moisture fell (on us).

Oh so stunning

22 04 2017

Alegre, La Sal Mountains

Alegre watches another band, looking even more gorgeous than usual with the La Sal Mountains in the not-so-far background.


21 04 2017


Storm the hunky … in a bit of a stiff wind. 🙂

Luck of the view

20 04 2017

Killian's, Filly Peak and the La Sal Mountains

And there they are. Mustangs in a big, beautiful, wild land.


Shady lady

19 04 2017


‘Tis the start of the hanging-out-under-trees season.

Things are warming up. We need rain.

Short, dark and handsome

18 04 2017


Killian isn’t a big boy, but he’s awfully cute. 🙂


17 04 2017

Houdini, Maia and Alegre

Spending time with the mustangs renews your faith in the world. Mostly because the rest of the world seems far, far away when you’re with them. 🙂