10 09 2016


This was supposed to be a post of joy and beauty, a snapshot memory from an exceptional day of mustangs and friends and mustang friends.

Then I found out that every National Advisory Board member *except* Ginger Kathrens, who has spent more than two decades fighting for the protection and good management of America’s wild horses and burros, voted to KILL 45,000 equines that have been rounded up and removed from their home ranges and now are held in government holding pens and pastures – all because of four decades of mismanagement by BLM.

That is not merciful euthanasia, as Carol Walker has said. Plain and simple, it is mass execution, mass slaughter, mass murder.

Even the thought and encouragement of such a thing is deplorable and despicable, and completely impossible to comprehend. A few years ago, when this was first proposed, it was learned that BLM already was planning counseling for the people it would task to go in and kill all those healthy animals. …

The good news is that BLM stopped the terrible mare-sterilization experiments it had proposed in partnership with Oregon State University. A terrific victory!

And in the style of one step forward, 100 back, BLM now gets most of its “advisory” board to encourage the slaughter of 45,000 wild equines.

Deep, deep thanks to Ginger Kathrens for continuing to stand up for the responsible and humane management and protection of America’s wild horse and burro herds.

To the rest of that “board” … what the outrageous hell are you thinking?????????????????????






This was the post I had planned …

This view comes to you courtesy of a marvelous day at the end of August. Spent with friends and mustangs in one of the most beautiful places on Earth (look at that scene and feel free to argue!?), it was a dreamy day set right smack dab in reality.

While sitting at the top of the world (the rimrock ledges that form the basin’s western boundary), it was another day during which I felt blessedly grateful for all the wonders of life, so richly expressed here in Spring Creek Basin.


… Now … my heart cries …



10 responses

10 09 2016

I am speechless. I wonder what
The conversation was like. This Board is appointed , right. Who appoints them?
Let’s keep our horses safe, use PZP BECAUSE IT IS WORKING,

10 09 2016
Karen Schmiede

How Horrible. I cry for the poor horses,and hope that the humans doing this will at some point answer to God!

10 09 2016
Kathryn Wilder

I cannot believe this! This CANNOT happen. Ben Masters, where are you? Why was your voice not among the opposing???

10 09 2016
Sue Story

This is just beyond reprehensible – despicable, vile, inhumane, small-minded, and typical of those who occupy bureaucratic offices. They always seem to look for easy ways out to solve problems of their own making. What an absolute disgrace. This hurts my heart beyond words.

11 09 2016

Had nightmares about this unspeakable – unthinkable, really – vote after reading this post. I’ve always thought that for a wild equine, life in holding facilities is very, very far from what they deserve. But can it really be possible that, for a solution to this problem, homo sapiens can think of nothing better than to kill-kill-KILL?
My heart goes out to all of you who work so hard to *protect* these animals…

11 09 2016
Prairie girl

Hey TJ…
I tried to comment yesterday but the f word kept getting in the way.
I’m so very disappointed in that Ben Masters was not on the side with Ginger.
I expected better from him.
This is what the BLM’s failed system has come to. And all along, they could have been using PZP and there wouldn’t be 45,000 horses standing around the holding pens.
I pray for a better solution for our horses and that the BLM will wake up finally and have on their minds PZP & more PZP and never put another mustang back in those pens.
You are still blessed with all the wonders in Spring Creek Basin…now, get out there and make some pictures of those lucky horses you take care of.

11 09 2016

Thank you all so much for your words of support and encouragement. With so many options available and several well-managed mustang herds – including, now, Spring Creek Basin – it’s hard to see why solutions other than kill or sterilize continue to elude this agency. And it’s a struggle to understand why this recent outrage came about because it seems custom-designed to ignite the current controversy to even greater heights.

Thank you all for your continued support of our beloved mustangs here in Spring Creek Basin and across the West.

13 09 2016
Lynn and Kathy

Obviously, we’ll be writing MORE LETTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 10 2016
Lori Nightingale

If you are serious about making an impact on the Mustangs future you need to re-channel your anger and energy into serious research of the BLM. It is a daunting task to follow the money and influence from big names and big corporations but that is where the voices come from that maneuver the “officials for our best interest”. Good luck and happy hunting.

5 10 2016
Kathryn Wilder

Lori Nightingale, if you’ve been following TJ’s blog at all, you must already know just how serious she and her followers are about taking action that has a most positive impact on mustangs and their future. TJ’s entire life is devoted to the welfare of America’s wild horses–she does everything humanly possible, and then some, to protect wild horses and habitat, and promote and perpetuate a better future for all. One person alone cannot do everything–perhaps you are just the one to take on the task that you are suggesting those already busting butt in the field do. Good luck to you.

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