Locks to love

30 09 2016

Sorrel-and-white pinto stallion in Sand Wash Basin.

Isn’t this gorgeous boy handsome?

In some cases, the continued use of the word “gorgeous” may be considered overuse. Not so in the case of Sand Wash Basin’s mustangs!



5 responses

30 09 2016

Absolutely! And not overused at all.

30 09 2016

Looks healthy and stocky. Great picture.

30 09 2016

Hi IS gorgeous!

30 09 2016

“he” not Hi 🙂

30 09 2016
Sue Story

With mustangs this beautiful, it’s difficult to come up with new superlatives for each one! 🙂 And this horse IS gorgeous, just a thing of beauty with “locks” to match! I think I’m in love. Thanks for these photos, TJ!

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