Great and wide

28 09 2016
Sand Wash Basin stallion

Sand Wash Basin stallion

Be still my wild heart. This is Star, also pictured a few days ago with the setting full moon. Isn’t he phenomenal?

Note the ears in the sagebrush in front of Star. That’s the yearling colt in his band (his son?), Meteor.

And notice that big, big, wide-open country. Mustang country, for sure!



3 responses

28 09 2016

Love this , with the stallion watchful.

28 09 2016

Is Meteor the palomino pinto? I love stallions who are mentors and good fathers and step-fathers. They have so much to offer culturally.

28 09 2016
Sue Story

Star is really a beautiful stallion, TJ, no matter the time of day! And yes, that does look like mustang country for sure! Cute colt ears.

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