21 07 2016


We live in a beautiful, beautiful, wild world.

Drama sky

20 07 2016

Temple, Temple Butte and McKenna Peak

Temple looks beautiful on a windy, pre-rain evening in Spring Creek Basin with iconic landmarks McKenna Peak and Temple Butte in the background.

We DID get rain later that night! What a blessed relief!



19 07 2016


Sunset’s glow warms Aspen as he watches over his mares in Spring Creek Basin.

Dirty boy

18 07 2016


What a mud ball! As dry as it is, it’s good to know the horses are finding mud – along with water. 🙂


17 07 2016


Prettiest Winona in her summer coat with only the faintest dapples shining through … and that funny little looped wind knot in her mane.

As hot and dry as it has been, the basin still has a faint glamour of green across its hills and arroyos. We’re ready for monsoons. Even a dash of moisture will tide us over till those welcome afternoon rains arrive.


16 07 2016

Pronghorn buck and does in Spring Creek Basin.

Howdy, handsome! My, what excellent horns you have!

Some of the horses kept looking over a hill, and I thought another band might be there. Nope, just these awesome creatures!


15 07 2016


Oh, you handsome devil! Young Skywalker is looking for love. He hasn’t found it yet … but surely soon.

If his tail looks a little funny … that’s a stick. He galloped over to have a dusty discussion with Killian and returned with this giant stick stuck in his tail! Somewhere along the line, he has managed to get it unstuck. 🙂

Out of the dust

14 07 2016

Killian and Skywalker

Before the lovely, wonderful and wondrous rains, we had plenty ’o dust. Killian and Skywalker churned some up during a little boy-to-boy chat, then parted peacefully to continue the search for greenery.

Long-legged long-trotter

13 07 2016


Thoroughbred of the desert, eh? Mustangs embody all that is good and right about the essential *horse*.

End ’o the day

12 07 2016

Tenaz and Bounce

Tenaz and Bounce had a friendly chat over a stud pile. They added to it … and that was that.

Not to brag, but this might be the nicest stud-pile photo evah. 🙂