21 07 2016


We live in a beautiful, beautiful, wild world.




8 responses

21 07 2016
Sue Story

Makes my heart skip a beat…and want to get back out there! 🙂

21 07 2016


21 07 2016
Lynn and Kathy

When a landscape shot looks like this, you’ve got something very special!! It’s got everything – well done!! 🙂

21 07 2016
Maggie Frazier

I’m new here – but what gorgeous pictures & from reading down thru – you sure are to be congratulated for all you have accomplished for the mustangs & to have the relationship you do with the BLM employees – if only that were happening for ALL the herds.

21 07 2016
Prairie girl

Maggie, well said. I could not agree more. 🙂

21 07 2016
Prairie girl

We really do.
That is a peaceful place of freedom and wildness…a vision of what it’s truly all about.

21 07 2016

It’s about hard work, perseverance, commitment to our mustangs … and getting a really good BLM herd manager who is all about partnership! We are blessed with advocates who are tireless in their work for our mustangs, and we pay those blessings forward every chance we get!

22 07 2016

yes we do and the mustangs (and other wildlife) make it even more beautiful

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