Red-haired girl

4 05 2016

Tesora, McKenna Peak


It wasn’t the gnats that had Tesora in a seeming funk – too cold and windy. Maybe she was self-conscious about her beard (probably not). 🙂 She, like all the horses, are shedding quickly.

Although we didn’t get as much rain as anticipated, we did get temps – daytime temps – in the 30s (and yes, some big, heavy flakes of snow that added to our ground moisture). But now Colorado weather predictors are marching us toward 80-degree temps.

So April did, indeed, end with lovely showers; now we hope May brings flowers – and lots of grass!




5 responses

4 05 2016
Pat Amthor


4 05 2016

What a beauty!

4 05 2016
Sue Story

She is just gorgeous TJ (beard included!). Glad you got a few flakes, and yes, 80 degree days are on the way – spring in the high deserts!

4 05 2016

Lovely lady!!

6 05 2016

Those little mustang ears with the curled tips convey a wealth of ‘tude! 🙂

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