Foxy critter

5 05 2016

Fox in Spring Creek Basin


We interrupt the usual mustang programming to bring you this image of a gorgeous fox in Spring Creek Basin!




7 responses

5 05 2016
Pat Amthor

What a big Fox. Great picture.

5 05 2016

Mother Nature provides so much beauty, especially in the wild! Thank you TJ for sharing.

5 05 2016
Puller Lanigan

Poor girl hardly has any coat left to keep her warm if it snows. But I’m sure her babies are warm. 🙂

5 05 2016
Kathryn Wilder

Amazing critter, amazing picture–thank you!

5 05 2016
Sue Story

TJ, this is just a magnificent photo of such a beautiful fox! Always fun to see the other creatures keeping the mustangs company out there. Thanks TJ!

6 05 2016

This critter isn’t obviously lactating, so either a male or young or not currently with babies. It was a shock to see it … and not have it run away immediately like the coyotes do (they’re shot at … from the roads). It was another beautiful experience in Spring Creek Basin. 🙂

10 05 2016
Prairie girl

Exciting encounter! What a lovely creature, TJ.
The coyotes being shot at from the road…same goes on around here. If it moves, shoot it. Ugh. The mentality…

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