Down goes the pony

3 05 2016


Here’s a chuckle for your morning commute.

The appeal of the soft-silt dry bed of a pond (still carrying some water in the deepest part) was too alluring for Kwana to worry about a crazy ol’ human, so he laid down and rolled – right in front of me! Then he performed a quick equine yoga move before he got back to his feet to continue playing with his pals.


In serious good news (and our mustangs need every bit they can get these days), the second “Mustang Tales” column by Kat Wilder went up on the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign website yesterday. This one is called “Happy Trails,” and its chief message is an incredible and heartfelt tribute to Dr. Jay Kirkpatrick.




8 responses

3 05 2016
Pat Amthor

That is great! I need a good scratching and I don’t care who is watching!

3 05 2016
Puller Lanigan

Downward equine! I’d know it anywhere!

3 05 2016
Puller Lanigan

Or maybe that’s Cobra…..

3 05 2016
Kathryn Wilder

Thank you, TJ, for sharing Kwana and all your other excellent pics, here and of the McCullough Peaks mustangs in “Happy Trails”!

3 05 2016
Sue Story

This is a neat pic, TJ, Kwana “taking a powder!” And kudos to Kat’s “Mustang Tales.”

3 05 2016
Sue Story

And TJ, a lot of kudos to you too for your stunning McCullough Peaks mustang photos. I was just over reading Kat’s “Happy Trails” piece and your pictures are just amazing. Good for you guys!

3 05 2016
Kathryn Wilder

Thank you, Sue!

6 05 2016

I’m pretty sure the mustangs do quite a bit of yoga when no one is watching. 🙂 Thanks for the road-trip partnership, Kat, that led to this excellent “Mustang Tales” column, and for the kudos, Sue!

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