Mudder mare

17 04 2016

Reya, La Sal Mountains

Jaunty, shaggy, feisty, muddy pinto pony! Some of the horses seem nearly fully shed out; others still are long-haired. All in good time.

Disappointment Valley and Spring Creek Basin got an awesome soaker of a rain system Friday and a little more Saturday evening, so presumably the ponies are even muddier – and the seeps and springs and ponds are even fuller! We are relieved and grateful that the “omega block” brought much-needed moisture to our corner of the world!


Also in the grateful category, thanks to Kat Wilder and to Suzanne Roy of American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign for posting the first in Kat’s series of “Mustang Tales: Bringing the Reader to the Range”! This first post records our meeting with Jen Maramonte and Suzanne last summer in Spring Creek Basin, where we were privileged to introduce them to the range and to several bands of our amazing mustangs. 🙂

Suzanne and the AWHPC team work tirelessly to keep advocates informed about threats to our wild horses and burros, as well as highlighting the good work being done by countless volunteers across the West (and elsewhere). Kat is working on a variety of “tales,” in a variety of formats, to highlight challenges faced by – and successes made by – advocates and BLM managers on behalf of the now-wild equines whose ancestors were instrumental in developing this country.

Join Kat on the (digital) range with the mesteños!




4 responses

17 04 2016
Kathryn Wilder

Thank you TJ–for the pic, the pics, and the inspiration you are!

17 04 2016

Wow! Very Nice.
Congratulations to Everybody…
This is a beautiful project that will be an important voice for the mustangs.
I couldn’t be happier…
THANKS in advance for taking us along on the journey.

18 04 2016

Thanks, everyone! It’s a great collaboration between Kat, Suzanne and AWHPC, and mustangs everywhere! It has been a wonderful journey with the mustangs, it will continue to be an incredible journey, and basically, the mustangs are too awesome not to share. 🙂

17 04 2016
Sue Story

Beautiful pinto in a beautiful setting, and equally beautiful work by you,TJ and by Kat, and by all the others who collaborate with the two of you in advocacy for our wonderful wild mustangs everywhere. Thank you to you both!

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