24 01 2016


Look at that round little belly! Killian was trying to take shelter from the graupel – or maybe he thought I wouldn’t see him under the trees.



4 responses

24 01 2016

Nature’s camo did not work on this one.
Looks like snow on the Basin!

28 01 2016

We’re ready for more. Hopefully the snow in the forecast won’t miss us this time!

24 01 2016
Sue Story

TJ, is it snowing there like it means it?! Pretty serious snowfall over our way, and I’m hoping the mustangs get a piece of this action.

28 01 2016

Unfortunately, the last two snow systems that gave you guys several more inches of snow gave us barely a dusting (total!). But we have a fair bit of moisture seeping right into the ground and helping the dormant plants, all getting ready to amaze us this spring and summer! Crossing fingers that the next system will catch us!

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