22 01 2016


Painted pony Reya walks through a snow-globe world. The snow was really graupel – little snow pellets – and it was blowing ahead of a fierce wind out of the west. It didn’t last awfully long, and we had the gift of sunshine at the very end of the day.



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22 01 2016
Puller Lanigan

You can see those little ice pellets. Glad it didn’t last long and hope it gives the ground a good watering.

22 01 2016

Indeed, every little bit helps!

22 01 2016
Prairie girl

Snow pellets! Like diamonds!
Those horses will take anything they can get. 🙂

22 01 2016

With their fuzzy coats, the horses didn’t even seem to notice. As long as my back was to the wind, it didn’t bother me, either. Otherwise, it felt like I was getting a bit of a facial! 😉

22 01 2016
Sue Story

“Snow globe”, I like that! I think El Nino has been kinder to us than it has been to the mustangs in the Basin. Hoping for MUCH more moisture over there before the dreaded La Nina arrives later this year.

22 01 2016

Based on the snow mounds around Dolores, Cortez and Mancos (and elsewhere – even Dove Creek), you’re right: We didn’t nearly as much as everywhere else. But the winter is young, and more snow is in the forecast! 🙂

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