22 11 2014

Kwana, Duke and Kreacher

Young Kwana is hanging out with bachelors Duke and Kreacher. This isn’t the first time Duke has been a mentor to a stallion in the younger generation. He fills the role in his understated way, in his wonderful way.



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22 11 2014

TJ, maybe because I interact with so many people everyday, I cannot help but relate the lessons the herd teaches us – we humans need to do more of the same for our younger generation…

22 11 2014

Agree with Marytherese! There is nothing like watching an older stallion or buck (I watch our local deer) teach the younger members proper herd behavior and finer details of interacting with all generations within the herd. I love watching bucks babysit, allow button bucks to examine their antlers, teach yearlings the finer art of antler wrestling, exhibit good herd behavior (don’t gore does or fawns) and courting a doe vs. running her ragged and into traffic or injury or death.

Kwana has good teachers! Able bodied, compassionate and wise.

22 11 2014

So great!

24 11 2014

The mustangs truly are family oriented. The family is everything.

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