27 11 2014

Puzzle, Chipeta, Temple Butte

Thanksgiving Day is the day to say publicly how grateful I am for the opportunity to know these horses we call mustangs in honor of their wild, untamed spirit. My favorite holiday is one day on the calendar, but it’s a feeling I carry every day of the year.

I am extremely grateful for my family, who raised me (and my brother) with horses. All good things in my life have come from the foundation they gave me in love and horses.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, to your horses and other critters, to your families.



4 responses

27 11 2014
George W Doerre

Well said TJ, and a most wonderful and happy
Thanksgiving to you, your family, and as you
say, “all the ponies and other critters” gwd

27 11 2014

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, two legged and four.

27 11 2014

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, TJ!
The feeling of gratitude you carry every day of the year comes to the fore in your words and photography here, and I am very grateful for your sharing the magic with us!

28 11 2014

TJ, beautiful words to go along with two beautiful examples of nature… many thanks to you for all you have done and continue to do for the wild many thanks for the knowledge and beauty you give to us, what a gift you are!!

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