Sunlight through his mane (and tail)

15 11 2014


Hunky Storm is a mellow fellow, ambling after his band. The breeze was up, but it was all about the light that evening.


14 11 2014


Another sweet face is Juniper’s. She was born dark, dark.


13 11 2014


Doesn’t Mysterium have the sweetest face? She was definitely “guard mare” that evening, keeping a wary eye (both eyes) peeled for whatever might threaten the band.

The dark behind her is the shadowed north wall of a ridge. It served to highlight her perfectly.


12 11 2014

Gaia and Cassidy Rain

Though Gaia’s shadow covers most of Cassidy Rain’s pretty face, there’s just enough open to the sunshine to produce a glimmer in her eye. But Gaia’s is covered by her forelock. 🙂

Do you think they’re proud of how their babies grow up? I sure am!

Dark horse

11 11 2014

Cassidy Rain

Cassidy Rain. My goodness, she’s beautiful. She is her mother’s daughter.

Fire, alive

10 11 2014


Isn’t she gorgeous? Her rich, thick copper coat, lit by the low autumn sun, makes Gaia seem to glow from within.


Ridge to heaven

8 11 2014

Mysterium, La Sal Mountains

Remember the pic of the badger a couple of months ago, then the pic of Ty with his ears pricked? It didn’t take a badger to get some animation out of Mysterium for this pic, though. A lone mule deer doe did the trick. I’m not sure *why* Mysterium was so interested, but the whole situation sure provided a cool freeze-frame of time and place and horse and light.

Sight line

7 11 2014


Sometimes, this is all of the horses’ faces I see as they graze among the sage and saltbush and greasewood. But with the light on their fuzzy ears and rough manes, even that view is enough.

Sweet schnuzzle

4 11 2014

Puzzle and Tesora

Puzzle accepts a nuzzle from Tesora. Young Puzzle acts as a good auntie for younger Tesora.


Would ya’ll believe parts of the basin got snow yesterday? And not just the upper ridges. It didn’t last long, but it served to give the thirsty land a bit more moisture.

A glimmer in his eye …

3 11 2014

… and burrs in his mane.


His long, long mane – and his forelock – is all knotted up with burrs now. All the members of his band have been into them. Even so, how handsome is he?


Good news: Disappointment Valley got some rain yesterday. What a relief.


The area is Grand Central Station for hunters right now. Here’s a wish for safety for all visitors – and all residents.