Happy Valentine’s Day

14 02 2014

Kwana and Madison

Wishing you all love and wildness on this day of hearts alight!


13 02 2014

Spirit pretending to tend an itch.

Spirit addresses an itch and manages to look ultra cute while doing it!

Most of that snow is gone now. Temperatures in the 50s will do that.

Walking out

12 02 2014

Kwana and Madison

Ah, young love. Kwana and Madison, in different bands, slowly grazed their way toward each other until they met. Madison was quick to let Kwana know that she would tolerate no foolishness. Don’t mess with a wild girl!

A view a’tilt

11 02 2014

S'aka giving me the stinkeye.

Snowy S’aka cocks his head all the better to check out the funny intruder. Check out the cool chevron on his neck, perfectly placed.

Bay girl

10 02 2014


“Another bay mustang mare” is our girl Madison. But certainly this bay beauty is not bland! Her refinement and quiet intelligence shine from her sweet face.

One and two with a view

7 02 2014


Ty and his girls a few days ago after the last snowfall. This was Copper’s and the youngsters’ view in a previous photo post. You can sorta see the arroyo behind Ty – it runs at about the level of his hocks. All three of them were beyond it while I was first hanging out with the pintos. Why did the mustang cross the arroyo? Curiosity, of course! 🙂


6 02 2014

Seneca photobombs a photo of mama Chipeta.

Seneca crashes her mama’s photoshoot. It was a cold day after the snow.

Well, hello there

5 02 2014

S'aka, Spirit and Copper watch Ty come up out of an arroyo.

S’aka, Spirit and Copper watch Ty leave his band on the other side of the near arroyo and come closer to investigate the pinto band.

Look at that snow. And the snow mustaches! And the ice hanging from S’aka’s sides. His heavy winter coat is doing its job to insulate him and keep him warm. This photo was taken shortly after a brief blizzard that added to the cover that fell a couple of days ago.

As the snow falls

4 02 2014

Temple, Spring Creek canyon

Today marks one year since we lost our amazing Pati Temple. One year since heaven gained a unique angel. One year of grieving and insights and feeling her presence among us still. She is missed, but she left us all with lessons and love.

The basin didn’t get a whole lotta white stuff (coupla inches), but it came on top of rain, and it’s sloppy and saturated. The above photo of Temple was taken before it snowed.

We have decent numbers beside the percentage signs in the forecast for the rest of the week! Thanks for the dances and prayers. Pati, please nudge aside the dome over the basin/lower valley and let it fall!

Angles and lines

2 02 2014

Chipeta and unnamed promontory.

Chipeta matches the lines of the unnamed promontory at sunset.

This view is white now!