Seeing double

18 02 2014

Comanche and Piedra

A couple of stout Spring Creek Basin mustangs nap in the sunshine. Comanche and Piedra are just two of our gorgeous greys.

Simply wild

16 02 2014

Beautiful fey princeling Maiku.

Fey princeling Maiku stepping out of a snowy midwinter’s dream.

Isn’t he gorgeous? Even with his snowy sweet nose?


15 02 2014

Copper watches Ty's band.

Copper in the snow. Ah, it’s nice to reminisce about the so-called winter of 2013-14 now that it’s springtime in the basin.

He was checking out Ty’s band across the arroyo.

Happy Valentine’s Day

14 02 2014

Kwana and Madison

Wishing you all love and wildness on this day of hearts alight!


13 02 2014

Spirit pretending to tend an itch.

Spirit addresses an itch and manages to look ultra cute while doing it!

Most of that snow is gone now. Temperatures in the 50s will do that.

Walking out

12 02 2014

Kwana and Madison

Ah, young love. Kwana and Madison, in different bands, slowly grazed their way toward each other until they met. Madison was quick to let Kwana know that she would tolerate no foolishness. Don’t mess with a wild girl!

A view a’tilt

11 02 2014

S'aka giving me the stinkeye.

Snowy S’aka cocks his head all the better to check out the funny intruder. Check out the cool chevron on his neck, perfectly placed.