As the snow falls

4 02 2014

Temple, Spring Creek canyon

Today marks one year since we lost our amazing Pati Temple. One year since heaven gained a unique angel. One year of grieving and insights and feeling her presence among us still. She is missed, but she left us all with lessons and love.

The basin didn’t get a whole lotta white stuff (coupla inches), but it came on top of rain, and it’s sloppy and saturated. The above photo of Temple was taken before it snowed.

We have decent numbers beside the percentage signs in the forecast for the rest of the week! Thanks for the dances and prayers. Pati, please nudge aside the dome over the basin/lower valley and let it fall!



3 responses

4 02 2014
Prairie girl

Temple has such rich, beautiful coloring. What a nice mustang.
Yes, it looks like you’re going to get some decent weather. Yay!

4 02 2014
Puller Lanigan

Beautiful girl!

4 02 2014

You take beautiful pictures of beautiful horses. I would love to visit this HMA someday.

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