Angles and lines

2 02 2014

Chipeta and unnamed promontory.

Chipeta matches the lines of the unnamed promontory at sunset.

This view is white now!



10 responses

2 02 2014
Puller Lanigan

Unnamed promontory? Well, of course, it is the ‘Chipeta Promontory’!
She was merely modeling it for you. 😉

2 02 2014

Yeah Snow! 🙂

2 02 2014

Temple Butte???

2 02 2014


2 02 2014
Prairie girl

That’s awesome!

2 02 2014

It’s sunny and warm again and melting, but it’s such a relief to see everything covered in white again.

5 02 2014
George W Doerre

A really great shot TJ. One of those moments when all things come
together at once, for a moment …………………and you caught it
Beautiful…..g its got to be a painting……we’ll see. g again

8 02 2014

Thanks, George!

12 02 2014

I agree with the new name of the promontory!! It has always needed a realy name. How do we get the name on the map??

12 02 2014

Place names are submitted through USGS (U.S. Geological Survey). A person must be deceased for five years before the process can start. A friend is helping us learn the process! 😉

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