A view a’tilt

11 02 2014

S'aka giving me the stinkeye.

Snowy S’aka cocks his head all the better to check out the funny intruder. Check out the cool chevron on his neck, perfectly placed.



7 responses

11 02 2014
Prairie girl

Oh my! I saw that and thought, it reminds me of the “M” on the forehead of a Tabby cat!
That kinky curly flaxen mane of his. Nice, TJ.

11 02 2014

Love his wavy mane. Not sure where he – or Spirit – gets it!

11 02 2014
Puller Lanigan

Love that quizzical look, snowy nose and the chevron!!!! He has his ‘v-neck’ sweater on!

11 02 2014

V-neck sweater – yes! Ha!

11 02 2014
Karen Schmiede

Looks like a kid that just had ice cream!

12 02 2014

Fabulous shot!!

12 02 2014

This is a really cute picture and very unique.

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