Cause & effect

3 07 2013

A little of this:

Copper with Reya and Spirit.

led to a little of this:


Because Corazon (in this pic at far right) wasn’t keen to have Copper (in the first pic at left) horning in on his girl, Reya – in the first pic, flipping her tail, and in the second pic, tossing her mane. The flirt. šŸ™‚



3 responses

3 07 2013
Prairie girl

This is absolutely my new favorite picture. Those painted ponies blending together! Running! And that exquisite Copper in prance form.
You’ve really done it this time, TJ. Oh, to be there in person… sigh.

3 07 2013

Copper is one handsome mister! Corazon better watch Reya.

6 07 2013
Pat Amthor

Fabulous! I agree, having all three pintos running, is so great!

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