8 06 2012

He’s … OK.

He’s alone, and his left hock is pretty stocked up.

He has a small, healing wound inside that hock. A puncture, perhaps … or perhaps something else.

He gets around well, and based on the smaller hoof prints in the area, I think he has had visitors (Apollo, with Tenaz and Hayden and possibly Storm, all four of whom I saw with Kiley).

He’s in good shape.

His right knee has been enlarged for quite a while. While he favors it slightly, it doesn’t slow him down. You can see the small wound right about in the middle of his left hock. The protrusion just below the point of his hock is his chestnut.

Poco at home. That’s McKenna Peak (namesake of the McKenna Peak Wilderness Study Area, part of which is included within Spring Creek Basin’s boundaries) in the background, one of our most prominent and identifiable landmarks.

He seems to be doing OK, and he’s moving … if not well, well, he’s moving. It’s not awful, but it’s not normal; he has a definite hitch in his giddy-up.

But I’m awfully glad to see the boy.



6 responses

8 06 2012

Didn’t Poco run with Roach? What on earth do you think happened to them?

8 06 2012

Yes, he did. Anything on earth is possible … No way of knowing (by this human, at least).

8 06 2012

Thanks for the update TJ.

8 06 2012
Lynn and Kathy

Thanks – Good to know the old guy is still with us.

8 06 2012

A little battered but not beaten.

9 06 2012
Lynn and Kathy

Aren’t we all…

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