We interrupt this program …

7 06 2012

… to bring you a different kind of “beast.”

I think he’s smiling at me.

Our herd manager came to the basin today to check the water situation. Four ponds still have water. All but one were dug out in 2009 and 2010 (and one pond dug out in 2009 and one dug out in 2010 are dry). We have talked about water enhancements in the last year or so – and money for that is in the works, thanks to the Director’s Challenge grant we got. We’ve talked about a second water catchment (our current one is about 10+ years old, thanks to the National Mustang Association/Colorado chapter), water guzzlers, enhancing seeps and springs and digging out more ponds. Two more ponds are scheduled for dig-out this year, also thanks to the Director’s Challenge funds.

It’s all about cooperation.

Kiley and I saw the collared lizard on a rock right off the road. I made him stop for a quick portrait shoot. I love these tiny dinos!

It’s dry out there, folks. All rain dances – of all durations, to any music, any style (!) – accepted. 🙂



4 responses

7 06 2012
Lynn and Kathy

Ya’ll got every song and rain dance known to us and we really do know a couple!

How about using Bentonite in pond areas that are dry (before filling manually or by rain) or, use it in those designated to be dug out? Then, fill them with water that your grant $$ can provide. Of course, rainwater is a much better idea. But, we’ll need Mother Earth and Father Sky to help us out a little with that (probably a lot!). We’re sure folks have already thought of this… 🙂

You know our thoughts and prayers are with the horses and everyone who cares for and about them…

8 06 2012

Bentonite is a great idea. After being told previously that it wouldn’t work, we’ve heard a little more positive attitude about it lately. 🙂

8 06 2012
Puller Lanigan

Lakes were dry in April in Southern CO/No. NM. 😦 Praying for rain. Carson Nat’l Forest had water…..

8 06 2012

Crazily, all our ponds were way dry by this time last year … then we got rain. I’m thankful for the ponds we have (with water in them) … and still dancing and praying for rain!

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