Miss Shane

24 03 2012

Has a new family.

The last time I saw her, she was with mama Mona and stepdaddy Aspen. Seven was nearby, as were Roja and Killian, but from the distance, I couldn’t quite tell whether he had them or was just hanging out close-by in hopes of *getting* them. Bounce was fending off lone Storm (which made me think perhaps David has reclaimed Shadow), and Duke, Kreacher and Tenaz were nearby.

Now, flirty girl is with … guess who!?

Do you recognize the pretty grey girl in the foreground?

The La Sals have some nice snow after the last storm, but they seem to be losing it day by day with this warm, dry, windy weather (ah, spring!).

Calling her “flirty” is anthropomorphism, of course, but before Hollywood, I’ve seen her “flirting” with Grey/Traveler and Sundance – always returning to mama, though. She turned 1 last Sept. 1.

She looks quite a lot like Aspen, not only because of her color but because of her conformation. Mona cannot be related, but I wonder about Kreacher (Shane’s sire).

Stout little mustang girl!



2 responses

25 03 2012

Is that Hollywood with the stripes on his legs???

26 03 2012

Yes! I believe his mother was Slate, the grulla mare introduced from Sand Wash Basin in 2001. Don’t you love those stripes??

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