Piece of the pie

22 03 2012

“Nearly $US300,000 in funding has been approved by the Bureau of Land Management for 12 projects aimed at improving Western rangeland conditions where wild horses and burros roam.”

“* Tres Rios Field Office, Southwest District, Colorado, Spring Creek Basin HMA: This project is aimed at expanding the ongoing successful partnership with the Disappointment Wild Bunch Partners to include such actions as herd monitoring, fence repairs, invasive weed inventory and treatments, illegal route closures, and travel management sign installation. Funding amount from the Director’s Challenge: $25,000”

The Grand Junction Field Office also was awarded $25,000 for ongoing partnership with Friends of the Mustangs for the Little Book Cliffs herd. Congratulations!!

Read more about it.

Thanks to Wild Bunch’s Tif (adopter of Ze and Asher) for this news!



6 responses

22 03 2012

Great news all around!

22 03 2012

Congrats to you guys, and keep up the fantastic work! 🙂

23 03 2012
Karen Schmiede

What great news . Keep up the good work.

25 03 2012

We’re very excited!

24 03 2012

Hi TJ!

Hi! We nominated your blog for the Sunshine Award. Go to the link below for more details!


25 03 2012

Thank you! Very much appreciated! But I haven’t been able to get that link to work … or your blog. I always get an error message.

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