Random beauty

16 11 2011

Some random photos that I just didn’t get posted during the last week from my last visit …

Biggest change – Bounce and Tenaz have picked up Seven and Storm. Happy to see those boys together.

Grey/Traveler, looking magnificent as always.

Baby Mysterium. Love this sweet dancer girl.

Mysterium and mama Kootenai

Sundance and the La Sal Mountains (Utah).

That was looking northwest; this is looking east-ever-so-barely-southeast toward McKenna Peak and the unnamed promontory (Colorado).

Burly-man Comanche

Handsome Hollywood (yes, their bands are still family)

Tenaz. Hollywood’s son, fairly close here … looking at Storm …

Seven and Bounce

Leaving you with supreme cuteness – Mysterium.



10 responses

16 11 2011
Puller Lanigan

Thank you TJ for keeping these guys in our thoughts and hearts. Beautiful photos of beautiful creatures!

16 11 2011

They’re never out. 🙂

16 11 2011

LOVE seeing these awesome horses out in the wild…THANKS TJ. (I live next door to Steeldust and Banjo and enjoy watching them grow, adjust and enjoy their new surroundings).

18 11 2011

Very cool! Love getting their updates from Melissa.

16 11 2011
Karen Schmiede

Beautiful pictures as always TJ. Thanks so much.

16 11 2011
Lynn and Kathy

Tenaz looks so much like his father – super!! From this photo, Holls looks a bit “scraped up” – from September or did he scuffle with someone else?

Thanks for the update! 🙂

18 11 2011

He really does. Surprises me sometimes. 🙂 He and Comanche are hanging together still (with Piedra, Kestrel and Juniper) … always very calm when I see them, so I don’t know how much they tussle when I’m not around?

18 11 2011
Lynn and Kathy

Yeah, good point – don’t you wish you could be a *small, brownish kind of munchkin* no one would notice, so you could really see the goings-on? We do! ;))

20 11 2011
Pat Amthor

Mysterium is so photogenic! And you have just caught her perfectly! Thanks.

20 11 2011

I wish I could be a fly on their manes … 🙂

Yep, Mysterium is a gem!

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