Milagro – now called Skipper

24 10 2011

Milagro, now Skipper, is doing well with his adopters, Amy and Keith. Tif, who adopted Ze and Asher, went to visit recently and sent this write-up and photos of the little guy (Kiowa and Copper’s son).

Here’s her report: “Talk about a lucky mustang! Skipper (formerly known as Milagro) has what I would call a chateau at his new home in the forest.  Keith and Amy absolutely adore him, work with him often and have come a long way. Skipper is calm, confident and aloof, is how I would describe him. I was honored when they invited me up to their place to visit with them and see how well Skipper is doing. He eats right from their hands, works for them, lets them touch him and pet his face and all in all is really calm in their presence. It warms my heart to see how well this little guy is doing. They are in the process of getting his place ready for winter. Yes, I did say “his place,” complete with access to a beautiful round pen, a run that leads right into an indoor stall inside their barn. Wow. I’m impressed. I better not let my boys over to play, they may get a little jealous! Thank you, Keith and Amy, for letting me see how well Skipper is doing and how patient you two are. Thanks, too, for letting me join in the fun!”

Skipper at his new home in the pines.

Keith and Skipper

Amy and Skipper. He definitely takes after daddy.

Such a sweet photo!

Whatcha lookin’ at?

And coming up to Tif!

Amy, Keith and Tif, thank you so much for letting us know how he’s doing! It’s wonderful to see!



4 responses

24 10 2011
Tami Lewis

I can’t express to you the joy it brings me to see these wonderful people interact with their wild horses in just the right way. Their body language, horse and human, shows the connection and communication. It doesn’t get any better.

24 10 2011

The round ups are hard to take but seeingthe horses in good homes and doing so well helps ease the pain for most of us. I suspect it helps you too.

24 10 2011
Karen Schmiede

How wonderful that another horse has found a great home.

24 10 2011
Linda Horn

Skipper is a handsome boy, and anothe example of the Mustang’s willingness to bond. Although I’m sad to know so many of the horses were taken from their natural home, I can’t help but think this is a wonderful opportunity for them and their adopters to become “ambassadors” for the breed. Rock On and Ems certainly impressed me, and many others as well.

I’d like to see Mustangs showcased at smaller venues, like the Four States Ag Expo, the Southwest Horse Expo, and the San Juan County Fair. I think local events could give adoptions a real boost. Groundwork for the youngsters, of course.

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