Aspen’s band

23 10 2011

Yes, you read that right; Aspen has deposed Seven and now has Roja and Killian, Mona and Shane. Seven has a shallow cut on his right gaskin but is otherwise fine, though alone and wandering. He had gone back to what was once familiar territory for him near Round Top.

Aspen seems to be keeping his new band on the move. I saw them Wednesday with local Alice (who is adopting Liberty!), but they weren’t interested in us.

This was the best view we had of them before they went down into Spring Creek for a drink, then moved on.

I saw them again Thursday, but not till the very end of the day as I was heading out in the shadows of evening.

Seemingly no change in Mona …

Never thought I’d see it, but I wouldn’t count Seven out. And Aspen has a history of stealing mares – though never so many – but not being able to hold onto them. We’ll see!



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