Bones lives – March 7, 2008

8 03 2008


Bones, the little grey mare with Roach and Poco who was so skinny last fall, has made it through the winter! And maybe it’s just her winter coat, but she looks like she may have gained some weight. She’s still thin, but I don’t think she’s quite as skinny.

Today was a gorgeous day in Spring Creek Basin: sunny and, well, not as cold as last Sunday! I had the good fortune to confirm sightings of everyone but Kreacher, Molly and Roja, the pinto family Bruiser, Chipeta, Kiowa and Reya, and the grulla mare Slate.

I saw the Bachelor 7 napping on a ridge as I drove in – minus Grey (Traveler). Then I found him, grazing by himself just down from the ridge in a little valley. The roads are in pretty good shape after last weekend’s snowfall, and I made it through the two arroyos before the first road split and, a little later, through the two heading down the south loop road.

From a distance, I saw Hollywood and Jif with Steeldust’s band. Seven, Houdini, Two Boots and Twister were a little farther away. I saw Hollywood, Jif and Steeldust again throughout the day, but I saw only Seven again later.

Steeldust’s band

Finding Bones alive was the biggest news of the day, but guess what else I found out? “Rosa,” in Steeldust’s band, is a boy. At first I thought I must have confused her with the rose-grey stallion – they look very similar – but nope. They’re both young stallions! In the photo above, they’re second and third from left. Steeldust is very tolerant, I guess.

Luna, the buckskin mare, still looks very pregnant, but the bay mare doesn’t look as pregnant as I thought last fall, and I just can’t tell about Alpha. We’ll see!

I had a rare sighting of the pinto bachelors Corazon and Cinch with Ty and Mesa. Mesa and Cinch were play fighting when I first saw them, but once they saw me, they were perfectly behaved. Just like little boys in the presence of an adult! They were hanging out by a water hole north of Round Top.

 Bachelor boys

From left: Mesa, Ty, Cinch and Corazon.

Bachelor pintos, Ty and Mesa

The boys trotted away across an arroyo, but they returned to the water hole.

I went from watching them to the top of Round Top, my first time to the top! On the way up (the east side), I saw David and the muley bay bachelor napping under a tree just on the very south side. Three elk were heading up to the top. They disappeared, and I never saw them again. On the north side of the top of Round Top, I spied on the four bachelors … and was ecstatic to spy Bounce and one of his mares … and Roach, Bones and Poco! The horse with Bounce looked like Alegre from one spot but like Slate from another spot. I couldn’t spot a third horse. Bones and Poco were lying down with Roach on guard when I first saw them, so I was unsure of her status – until they stood up! Wow! As skinny as she was in November, I really wasn’t expecting to see her this spring. The five horses were fairly close to each other, on the northeast side of a ridge blocking them from the view of the bachelors.

Over on the south side of Round Top, I saw four horses that I thought at the time were Grey, Chrome and two of the other Bachelor 7. But I saw just their heads and the tops of their backs, and they disappeared behind a ridge before I could get my backpack off and my camera out.

I went down the same way I went up and drove around to the arroyo past the intersection with the loop road. It was wide and muddy, and water was running, so I decided to park and walk. When I found Bounce, etc., I walked down to a hill across a wide, shallow arroyo from them and sat down to watch. The horse with Bounce turned out to be Alegre, and I thought some patience might produce Slate.

But it didn’t.

Bounce and Alegre

Alegre, left, and Bounce.

I hope she was off having her foal. I didn’t see her with any other bands.

Roach, Bones, Poco

Roach, Bones and Poco.

 I headed out after I saw those five horses. I saw Steeldust’s band again – with Hollywood and Jif still tagging along.

Almost out, I saw three more elk … and the Bachelor 7. But they were north of the water catchment. They could have gotten from south of Round Top to north of the catchment in the time I was hanging out watching Bounce and the others, but it just doesn’t jive.

However, I saw my beloved boy Grey. Couldn’t have asked for a better end to the day.

Grey and Aspen

Grey and Aspen

Grey and Mouse

Grey and Mouse


Grey with the La Sal Mountains in the background, near sunset.

Till next time!



4 responses

8 03 2008

It’s always nice to find a horse you didn’t expect to find come Spring. How nice that Bones is alive! We have one that will be 26 this year. She was seen a few months ago, so hopefully she will make it until Spring too.

8 03 2008

Indeed! When I first saw her, she was lying down, and I first wondered if Roach and Poco were just guarding her body. I could see her bald face, but I was such a distance away, I couldn’t make out any other details. She’s a little fighter, I think. Even last fall, as skinny as she was, she seemed to have plenty of “pluck”! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your oldster and cheer with you when you find her this spring! I see on your blog that you’ve been out recently. The horses look fantastic – shaggy and shiny in their winter coats!

10 03 2008
Lea Williams

Great pictures, great horses, great day. What more can we ask.

10 03 2008

Another, even better day? Believe me, I say that with full astonishment! Although I didn’t aske for it, this past Friday and Sunday more than made up for last Sunday’s miserable weather. Sunday produced the best gift: The stallion Grey/Traveler, who was “mistakenly” removed after the gather last August then returned, has a family again. Since his release, he had been alone or with a group of bachelor stallions. Now he has the grey mare Houdini, her 2007 foal, Two Boots, and the orphan, Twister. I’m about to write another post with new pix!

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