It’s still winter – March 2, 2008

3 03 2008

Kreacher, Molly and Roja

Kreacher (grey) and his mares, Molly (muley bay) and Roja (sorrel) shelter against crazy-strong wind March 2, 2008, in the basin. Two days ago – Friday – there was NO snow.

What did I do to Mother Nature?! All week, it’s gorgeous. It’s sunny. It’s warm (almost 60 degrees Saturday). It’s fantastic. I had the chance to go out to the basin Friday just long enough to check out the road – dry! I saw the Bachelor 7 again – again from a far distance – and I was beside myself to get back out there Sunday, after I watched James Kleinert’s film “Saving the American Wild Horse” Saturday afternoon at the Durango Independent Film Festival. I was in complete denial of the forecast.

I was up at 6 a.m. to snow, terrible wind and temperatures in the 20s. I didn’t leave until 10:30, and the upshot of the day is that I hiked for three hours and almost didn’t see a single horse. I was well on the way to being horribly depressed when, on the way back to the Jeep, after I had (not) come to terms with the idea that I wasn’t going to see a single horse, there was Kreacher and his girls, sheltering from the wind on the southeast side of a juniper tree. They didn’t see me until I was west of them, and that awful wind carried my scent right to them. I was headed down from a ridge to the end of the doubletrack road that follows the ridge above the corral. I took some photos as I went – and waved when they saw me – but I was happy that they weren’t bothered enough to leave the shelter of their tree.

Molly looked pretty thin, though not as skinny as Ceal and Bones, so I’m hopeful she’ll bounce back this spring. With all this moisture, I have to assume it will be a great spring for the horses! I couldn’t see Roja well enough to determine her pregnancy status any better. Molly seems particularly protective of her, standing always between her and perceived danger.

I hope to be back to the basin soon, and I hope to see more horses – and I hope the weather is better!

I attended the National Wild Horse & Burro Program’s advisory board meeting last Monday in Tucson, and I have been trying to get my thoughts in order about all that happened. Lots going on; I just need time to put happenings into words!

Tomorrow’s forecast, of course, is for sunshine.



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