A moment in a day

2 07 2013

Winona and Chrome

Winona and Chrome. She was shifting her position, maybe rubbing away flies. Chrome takes it all in stride.


Happy 18th birthday to my cousin Kayla! XOXO!



2 responses

2 07 2013

So nice. My neighbor just got a 4 year old mustang from someone who couldn’t keep her anymore. He doesn’t know what HMA she is from. He can’t catch her, but she comes straight to me to get her apple. The first day in the pasture she was a little standoffish. The second day when she realized the other horse liked what I was giving her, she came up to me. 3 days later and she takes the apple slices from me and lets me pet and scratch her neck. He still can’t catch her. She won’t even let him get close. 🙂

3 07 2013

These mustangs learn fast! And I know a couple that looooooove apples. 🙂

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