Sweet and dark

15 12 2012

Our herd manager, Kiley Whited, has moved on from BLM to a job with NRCS, Natural Resources Conservation Service.

He leaves big shoes to fill, as we valued his management style and always-positive demeanor. We couldn’t have been happier with his friendliness, level of professionalism and genuine interest in the Spring Creek Basin mustangs. We were able to get the fertility control program started with his involvement. It will continue in no small part because of his encouragement. He also championed the future use of bait trapping as a safer method of gathering horses in this small herd.

Our Cassidy Rain – possibly a great-granddaughter of Traveler – was named in tribute to Kiley’s baby daughter, Cassidy. These photos were taken earlier this week.

Cassidy Rain

She’s as dark as her sire, Cinch, with none of his spots.

Cassidy Rain and Roja

With “auntie” Roja.

Cassidy Rain

Sassy girl flirting with the afternoon light. On the hill behind her is some of the snow we got Sunday.

Cassidy Rain

Lovely girl.

We wish Kiley and his family well, though we will miss him!



3 responses

15 12 2012

I hope Kiley had some say in who would replace him? Hope.

15 12 2012


18 12 2012
Pat Amthor

I will miss Kiley and hope the new manager does the job as good as Kiley did the job. He cared for the land and the horses and the management of both.

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