The world according to Kestrel

28 12 2012

Pretty buckskin girl Kestrel stood napping in one place during most of my last visit. Watching, too. The world revolved around her.

Kestrel and Hollywood

Hollywood’s band still is very close to Comanche’s band. In fact, the casual observer would never realize these are two distinct families. This dynamic may or may not be unique among wild horses, but it’s fairly unique within our herd (“the pintos” come to mind, only recently separated into Ty’s band and Corazon’s band).

Kestrel and Temple (Hollywood x Piedra)

Baby Temple, daughter of Hollywood and Piedra, grazes her way behind Kestrel.

Kestrel, Filly Peak in the background.

Kes in her wide, snowy world!

Comanche and Kestrel

Kestrel’s handsome stallion, Comanche.

Kestrel and Juniper

Mama Kestrel and her yearling daughter (and Comanche’s), Juniper.


Isn’t she gorgeous? Like her mama, Luna, like her firstborn daughter, Winona. (As Winona grows up, it’s incredible how much she resembles Kestrel; her likely sire is Mouse, who was removed last year.)

Comanche moon

28 10 2012

What if we threw out everything we thought we new about the Earth and the moon, the universe, the galaxy, the tides and turns of season.

What if it was angels – just angels – lifting the moon into the sky. Raising it – and our hopes and prayers – and lifting those we hope and pray for.

What if miracles happen?

Such beauty in the world.

What if we could hold onto it always?

Soft and sweet

27 10 2012

Madison and daddy Comanche. This young daddy is a very good daddy!

Walking through beauty

17 10 2012

Comanche and Kestrel:

Do you think they celebrate each day? The beauty, the light, the dark, the grass and water and occasional cloud? Themselves? 🙂


12 10 2012

No words.

A peek at peace

6 09 2012

Sweet baby Madison peeks over sister Juniper’s back while grazing with mama Kestrel at sunset.

Mama Kestrel and daddy Comanche sharing some “us time” at sunset. Prominent Spring Creek Basin landmarks the unnamed promontory and McKenna Peak in the background.

What they know about peace in the world could change the world.

Yet another atypical stallion photo

5 09 2012

I love seeing these moments. 🙂

Comanche and Hollywood grazing peacefully with their families nearby.

That’s the foreground story.

Note the background story.

Kreacher and Hayden sparring. They were with Seven, Bounce, Tenaz and Apollo.

Youngster testing his strength.

Very end of day.

Madi & Daddy

2 09 2012

Learning what’s good to eat.

Sunset on the last day of August.

Another three (of four)

23 08 2012

And mama is there, at right.

I love their faces. So serene. Family time (all the time).

They’re still traveling with Hollywood’s band.

Three of four

21 08 2012

Comanche’s and Hollywood’s bands were hanging out near Grey/Traveler’s band – and with Duke.

Mama Kestrel and baby Madison with daddy Comanche. Juniper close by.

Welcome clouds brought a few heavy sprinkles this morning … lighter sprinkles later. I don’t think it’s too greedy to pray for more rain? It has gotten really hot and really dry again. Rain would be as welcome as the clouds!