Chrome on white and blue

4 01 2013


It’s early in the year, but so far, Chrome wins the “best mane flying in the wind” award!


Sometimes you just have to sit back and be amazed by the beauty in our natural, wild world.

Day 1

2 01 2013

The year 2013 had an auspicious start in Disappointment Valley: Golden winter sunlight followed by clouds and snow followed by brilliant winter sunshine that set the snow sparkling in a million colors. This followed nearly a full day yesterday of snow! That added up to maybe 5 inches of the moist white stuff in the lower Disappointment. For the time being, it leaves us pretty in white!


Little mister blue-eyes might win the designation as the crop of 2012’s “class clown”! His family found a bit of water – unfrozen – in the bottom of a pond. While mama drank (out of the frame to the lower left), Kwana made funny faces to “auntie” Winona with a bit of phragmites (I think that’s what they are; more seen in the background).

A little blue

27 11 2012

Just because … I haven’t seen him but from afar for a while.

Kwana with his daddy, Chrome. Do you see how he’s turning grey?

Handsome little boy with the blue, blue eyes!

Favorite faces

9 11 2012

Someone pointed out to me once that “they’re ALL your favorites.” I cannot tell a lie; that’s true. 🙂

Winona near, Chrome far.

From a lovely evening a couple of weeks ago.

Rain coming! Snow coming! C’MON, MOISTURE!

I *heart* this family, 2!

11 10 2012

Chrome’s family (missing Winona in this family portrait).

OK, OK. I love all the families. 🙂 But I really love catching daddies in family portraits.


10 10 2012

Handsome daddy mustang.

Family, complete

19 09 2012

With mama and daddy and “auntie,” life is good for the littlest.

Chrome, Kwana, Terra and Winona at home on the range.

Terra has a baby

27 08 2012

It’s official: Terra is a mama! You all can say you told me so. 🙂

Can you tell that he has blue eyes? Just like Terra when she was a baby!

He’s a colt. Bay now but will turn grey. He has a big blaze and white on all four legs – like daddy Chrome!

Daddy Chrome. The timing of baby’s birth fits. She must have conceived immediately after Chrome acquired her and Winona after the roundup last year. (That’s one of the basin’s boundary fences in the background.)

The rest of his family: “Auntie” Winona checks out the little mister while he’s down for a nap. She is staying close to the new mama and baby.

New mama with her baby boy.

A storm was trying to move through, so I got sunshine and shade. The light was fantastic.


Worth mentioning: Grey/Traveler, Terra’s daddy, is granddaddy. He surely is a grandpa many times over, but this baby is the first I can confirm. A legacy worth preserving!


20 08 2012

Wild Chrome at the trickle. I’m not sure who he was looking at here; the other horses had walked away to the right, and his own girls were still behind him.

Terra and the belly saga

28 07 2012

Busy, busy and rain, rain!

THREE ponds have been dug out, including the northwest pond previously featured (and it turns out that the panorama I posted earlier was NOT the finished product). There’s nothing too sexy about pix of dry, dug-out ponds, but I will tell you that the northwest, roadside and trapsite ponds all are dug out deeper now … just in time for the marvelous, glorious rain that (keeps coming today and) leaves me dancing for joy!

I am super grateful – again – to C and J from the Forest Service (Dolores and Durango offices) for doing such a fantastic job with those ponds!

And now, on to Terra. A friend and I were in the basin this last week and got a nice, close-up look at Chrome’s band, which were right by the road and Filly Peak as we left at sunset.

I know what you’re all going to say.

Go ahead and say it. 🙂 It’s possible that it could be probable.

Winona-girl and Chrome

Always handsome!