Terra and the belly saga

28 07 2012

Busy, busy and rain, rain!

THREE ponds have been dug out, including the northwest pond previously featured (and it turns out that the panorama I posted earlier was NOT the finished product). There’s nothing too sexy about pix of dry, dug-out ponds, but I will tell you that the northwest, roadside and trapsite ponds all are dug out deeper now … just in time for the marvelous, glorious rain that (keeps coming today and) leaves me dancing for joy!

I am super grateful – again – to C and J from the Forest Service (Dolores and Durango offices) for doing such a fantastic job with those ponds!

And now, on to Terra. A friend and I were in the basin this last week and got a nice, close-up look at Chrome’s band, which were right by the road and Filly Peak as we left at sunset.

I know what you’re all going to say.

Go ahead and say it. 🙂 It’s possible that it could be probable.

Winona-girl and Chrome

Always handsome!



6 responses

28 07 2012

Hi TJ, I guess I have missed what’s been going on with Terra. Was she a PZP mare? Or turned 2 and likely bred?

28 07 2012

Or was Terra taken from another band and is pregnant?

28 07 2012

Terra is 3 this year. Until the roundup, she was with her sire’s band. It was end of September or October before Chrome got her. If she is pregnant and going to foal in August or later, Chrome could, in fact, be the sire. Just haven’t known whether she’s fat or pregnant. 😉

The PZP started with the roundup and then followup darting this last winter. We won’t see the effects of it until next spring.

If she is pregnant, PZP is not the cause of her late foaling.

31 07 2012

He kinda likes those ‘dusty’ girls, doesn’t he?

5 08 2012
Lynn and Kathy

Hmmm… We’re betting Terra is definitely pregnant and the sire is, well, we hope not but, most likely, it would probably be her sire. We sure do hope inbreeding isn’t in this picture, but….

Glad to hear everyone looks so good and the ponds are in such great shape! A huge thanks to your local BLM and FS folks. They’ve done a super job! Hope that continues even after the Directors’ Challenge Gift…Thanks for keeping the blog going – we know how busy you are these days! It really helps us stay kinda sorta connected… We love those ponies lots and always will, along with their ever-present and most loving “caretaker.” 😉

7 08 2012

With the timing now, if she is pregnant, Chrome likely is the sire. And that would be OK. 🙂

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