26 05 2023

No, that’s not what we’re calling Skywalker these days. The blog post title today refers to the pops of color from the – in this image, scarlet globemallow – which is blooming like crazy all over the basin right now.

And not just those sunny little orange blossoms; we also have prince’s plume, larkspur, Indian paintbrush, still phlox, claret cup cacti blooms and numerous other colorful flowers!

Spring Creek Basin is GREEN with numerous spots of color all over. We had to wait a bit for our green and orange and yellow and purple and blue and red and pink … but it’s been worth it. 🙂



6 responses

26 05 2023
Sue E. Story

🥰 For Skywalker of course. And also ❤️ for all those wildflowers beginning to make an appearance! Can’t wait to see them in person!

26 05 2023

You’ll be amazed. 🙂 It’s glorious!

26 05 2023
Karen Schmiede

Great to see all the flowers and green and Skywalker, of course!

26 05 2023

We’re definitely having the spring we hoped to have back in the cold days of winter!

26 05 2023

Eye candy 🌈

26 05 2023

Truly. 🙂

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