Wide angle

21 03 2023

Just before I took this pic, Skywalker was standing guard on the edge of a little ridge, looking wonderfully handsome and marvelously picturesque. I didn’t think I’d have time to get my camera out of my pack before he moved … and as it turned out, I could barely get my *phone* out before he started moving. Luckily, Skywalker was still marvelously handsome and picturesque in the middle of the panoramic view!

Nature’s focus

20 03 2023

There’s a sort of odd 3-D effect to this photo that I can’t quite explain … but really adore. Terra is the sharpest – in fact, she’s the only sharp part – brightest part of the image, which is very true to reality!

Mustang camo

19 03 2023

If camouflage had a mustang theme, Kestrel would blend right in (get it?)!

Carrying on

18 03 2023

He nearly always reminds me of his great-grandpa Grey. But sometimes, the similarities seem more striking than ever. I can’t articulate them, really. It’s more than them both being grey with dark points. It’s their bearing, the look in their eyes … something maybe not definable at all.

I dearly loved the grandpa, and I love the grandson no less.

Golden light, golden girl

17 03 2023

The setting sun not only made an orange glow of the landscape, but it turned lovely Alegre as brassy as a coveted statue. The Earth and the mustangs aren’t ruled by clocks, of course, but the days ARE getting longer, and the sun seems to hang a little longer above the horizon.

Not much green yet – in the photo or on the range – but hopefully Mother Nature’s elves are hard at work getting ready for spring on this St. Patrick’s Day!


At 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 22, at Out West Books in Grand Junction, Kat Wilder will be reading from her memoir, “Desert Chrome; Water, A Woman, and Wild Horses in the West.” I’ll be there to talk a bit about Spring Creek Basin’s mustangs, and we’re hoping someone from Friends of the Mustangs – advocacy group associated with the Little Book Cliffs mustangs – will say a few words about their work.

If you’re in the Grand Junction area next week, stop by and say hi!

Designer jewelry

16 03 2023

Little bitty pretty muddy girl! Spirit always makes me smile at her sweet self … especially when she’s wearing some fancy new baubles in her forelock. 🙂


15 03 2023

What a difference a year makes.

In spite of the snow-heavy winter we’ve had, the mustangs are absolutely thriving, and perhaps no mustang demonstrates this more significantly than almost-3-year-old Rowan, introduced to Spring Creek Basin from northwestern Colorado’s Sand Wash Basin with her mare mates Dundee (4 this year) and Aiyanna (also about to be 3) in the fall of 2021.

A year ago:

This photo, taken the end of March 2022, shows Rowan, in particular, looking a bit lean as a coming-2-year-old.

It’s rare that I have the opportunity of showing some growing contrasts, but I couldn’t be happier with her blossoming. She – and Dundee and Aiyanna – are without doubt wonderful additions to Spring Creek Basin, and I hope they’re happy in their new home (I’m pretty sure that if mustangs understand “happy” as a concept, they are). 🙂


14 03 2023

Windy? Eh.

Two-legged? Eh.

Corazon takes it all in stride.

Fine beauty

13 03 2023

Mariah gets more grey – and more lovely – with each passing year. 🙂 And still fuzzy as winter winds down.

The horses’ coats are getting that scraggly look that precedes shedding. Spring signs are everywhere.

Let that ol’ wind blow

12 03 2023

On a very windy day, Piedra and Kestrel napped with Kestrel’s son near the top of a hill in the heart of Spring Creek Basin. Their stallion was lying down napping a short distance behind them, and another pair were napping just a bit below him. Altogether, it was a very good day for a nap!