Carrying on

18 03 2023

He nearly always reminds me of his great-grandpa Grey. But sometimes, the similarities seem more striking than ever. I can’t articulate them, really. It’s more than them both being grey with dark points. It’s their bearing, the look in their eyes … something maybe not definable at all.

I dearly loved the grandpa, and I love the grandson no less.



10 responses

18 03 2023

You know the horses best from years of watching them.

18 03 2023

Years exceptionally well spent. πŸ™‚

18 03 2023
Karen Schmiede

Great looking dude!

18 03 2023

He’s one of the handsomest out there!

18 03 2023
Sue E. Story

Passing down the best traits. What family is all about!

18 03 2023

They all came together in Buckeye. πŸ™‚

18 03 2023
Martha Kennedy

If ever a creature looked like it belonged in a place, it’s this horse.

18 03 2023

He does look part of the place, his home, doesn’t he. πŸ™‚

19 03 2023

Zing go the strings of all our hearts for Grey, Traveler. I miss him dearly. He and his family were the first I saw on my very first trip into Spring Creek Basin in 2003πŸ’—Can’t wait to see his great grandson!!


20 03 2023

He had an enormous impact on visitors and the herd. He is much missed.

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