Almost never

17 08 2022

Flat Top, Round Top, submarine ridge, McKenna Peak and Temple Butte are all visible … under rain. 🙂

Sweet, blessed rain.

(As for the title of this post … we *almost never* get rolling clouds like that. … Thank goodness we *sometimes* get clouds like that. :))



8 responses

17 08 2022

This is amazing!

17 08 2022

Yes! I love seeing the clouds part for the ridges and buttes and hills. … We see it so rarely!

17 08 2022
Sue E. Story

That is just so amazing – scuttle clouds in Spring Creek Basin! And the wonderful, gorgeous rain that comes with them! This is a sight to behold, TJ; thank you for capturing it for us.

17 08 2022

Scuttle clouds! I love that!

17 08 2022
Karen Schmiede

What a great picture! So glad for the moisture!

17 08 2022

Thanks, Karen. 🙂 So are we!!

17 08 2022
Martha Kennedy


20 08 2022

Cool, eh? 🙂

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