Happy anniversary, Mom & Dad!

16 08 2022

The couple that gets muddy together – working hard together! – stays together? 🙂

Especially when rainbows form overhead. 🙂

Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad – 53 years! Amazing! 🙂 So wonderful to spend time with ya’ll recently (even with a few mustang sightings) in wild Wyoming!

(If you have them to spare, a few prayers for cooler weather and RAIN won’t go amiss with anniversary wishes for my folks in Central Texas. It is HOT there and terribly dry, and they sure could use some relief.)



9 responses

16 08 2022

Sending all good wishes and 🙏 for rain ! How remarkable to them them lolling in the water !

16 08 2022
Sue E. Story

Happy Anniversary to your parents, TJ! Hoping for a break in hot and dry for them. And what a couple of endearing photos, TJ! Perfect for the occasion.

16 08 2022
Karen Schmiede

Happy Anniversary, TJ’s parents!

16 08 2022

Happy Anniversary TJ’s parents!! I would be celebrating 50 years this December, but my husband passed away April of this year. I have relatives in Texas and I’m praying for relief for them also.

17 08 2022

I am so very sorry for your terrible loss, Valerie. Prayers for you, too.

17 08 2022

Happy anniversary! And great pictures!

17 08 2022

Thanks to all for the best wishes!
And Thanks, Tracey, for the great pictures! And post!

17 08 2022

Love you and Dad! Hope ya’ll get some rain relief and temp drop SOON!

17 08 2022

Added to prayer list! Happy Anniversary to your folks!

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