Wind and smoke and dust and … road work

14 06 2022

Good night, America.

Some people cuss. The above from me passes for a fairly mild epithet. It means that, like most everyone else, I’m worn down by these conditions … and then we got smoke. It never means much in practical terms, but prayers are with folks near Flagstaff, Arizona, who are dealing with the current Pipeline Fire – and two other nearby fires – which is the source of the smoke in the above pic.

And then there’s this little tidbit about the start of the fire, which makes actual bad words come to mind (after one has gotten over the idea that there really aren’t any words appropriate. I mean … good NIGHT!?).

And did I mention the wind? Gosh, when *haven’t* we had wind this year … this whole year?!

But did any of that stop our intrepid BLM expert equipment operator and all-around good guy Daniel from fixing the road to the next new water-catchment site so he and Mike and Garth can get equipment there tomorrow?

No. No, it did not. 🙂

There *were* some who didn’t necessarily appreciate the equipment transfer into Spring Creek Basin:

They’ll be glad of it, though, in the long run when we have another source of clean water for them. 🙂



6 responses

14 06 2022

Wow! Lots going on!!


14 06 2022

So it goes. 🙂

14 06 2022
Martha Kennedy

You’ve taken the unspoken words right out of my mouth. Here, too. Smoke, wind, dust, road work and my water heater has gone out. Lucky for me I lived a year without hot water so I’m pretty sure it won’t kill me. I feel like the running horses without the range or ability to run. ❤

14 06 2022

Fortunately for us, the road work was a means to the end of the road and the work/catchment site. Much better here today in all ways … except the gnats. They’ve taken advantage of the WIND being merely *breezy* and are officially in the category of cuss-words-inducing! Hope your smoke, at least, settles or blows on.

14 06 2022
Martha Kennedy

Much better today. Cooler, with enough wind to keep the bugs off when the dogs and I took our ramble. Very beautiful light this evening, too, a by-product of residual smoke, but…

14 06 2022
Sue E. Story

Yesterday was truly bordering on unbearable wasn’t it, TJ. Then there was smoke. I call this part of the year “smoke season” and unfortunately, it never fails to live up. It’s all we need. And yes, prayers for those in the path near Flagstaff. Kudos to Daniel for mushing on for the sake of the water catchment in spite of unpleasant circumstances! And those “runners” will soon comprehend the concept of “cursing turned to blessing!” 🙂

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