A little more brown

15 01 2022

Denver and Colorado’s central mountains got snow.

Southwest Colorado got another blue sky.

It’s glorious, for sure. But those brown lands need some white gold.

Maiku, as usual, takes it all in stride, even the mud. 🙂



7 responses

15 01 2022

Let’s have snow or rain.

16 01 2022

Let’s have it!

15 01 2022
Karen Ann Schmiede

Let it snow a lot!

16 01 2022

Yes! We’re way behind. … La Nina winter, indeed. 😦

15 01 2022
Martha Kennedy

We need it so badly. Maiku is another beautiful horse with an elegant head.

16 01 2022

This dry winter does not bode well for the rest of the year. Maiku is a studly little stallion. 🙂

16 01 2022
Sue E. Story

“Nothing new under the sun” …unfortunately for us in southwest Colorado. Why is it that the northern parts get so much, and we get so little. Still praying.

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