Winter waves

19 12 2021

It’s not too hard to imagine the immense ocean that once covered this whole region of the Colorado Plateau from this angle, eh?

Madison looks toward her bestie while I watch the snow rolling over the southern ridges of Disappointment Valley. As it came over the ridges, the wind blew it west, and it never did reach us in Spring Creek Basin (which is included in the valley).



6 responses

19 12 2021

Really shows the snow .

22 12 2021

Looks like more is coming in our forecast!

19 12 2021
Karen Ann Schmiede

Pretty girl! Hop the snow has better aim next time.

22 12 2021

Me, too! Maybe Christmas!

19 12 2021
Sue E. Story

Madison looks like she’s standing in breakers of whipped cream! 🙂 And that wind does seem to insist on blowing the snow away to other precincts while leaving us cold and dry.

22 12 2021

One of these days, we’ll be in the bull’s eye!

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